ACT/SAT Prep Classes

Schedule a Gibson Test in the fall to see if there are any processing deficits.  Fix the deficits, then do ACT prep and watch the scores soar. Using this process, we have seen scores increase by as much as 10 points.   The cost of a Gibson is $10.00.

More than two million students take the SAT and ACT tests each year, making it tough to be accepted into the best colleges and universities. At Connections, we are dedicated to helping your college-bound son or daughter receive the highest scores possible on the ACT/SAT. A good score will improve their chances to be accepted into the school of their choice, as well as the possibility of receiving scholarships.

Connections Learning Center has a proven track record when it comes to significantly raising test scores. We offer 21 hours of class time to fully prepare your child for the ACT and make sure that each student builds the skills and confidence needed to do their personal best on test day. Class size is limited to 3-5 students, so it is always highly individualized.  Training sessions are scheduled over a 7-week period prior to taking the test. We also offer one-on-one training all year long.  Whether it is the students first time taking the test or the third we have the training.

Typically all high school juniors take the ACT in April and that is why we offer group sessions for that test date.  Some students take an earlier test, which is fine for practice, but April is a better time to take the test for juniors.  By April they have almost another year of class work under their belt.  For instance, if a junior takes the Sept. 2016 exam, they still haven't had their junior year of math and science.

Remediation is recommended for students diagnosed with a learning disability before ACT prep or for students scoring lower than an 19 on a previous ACT.  

Group ACT Prep Course

Group size is limited to 5 students
$850.00 Course fee
15% discount on course fee if you pay up front!
Registration anytime with a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot today!
Individual prep is always offered at $57/hour (3 hrs/week)

2016 classes will begin on February 11th for the April 8th exam.

Private School and Selective Enrollment Test Preparation

Connections can help your child prepare for the Selective Enrollment Test or High School Entrance Exam.

We offer an intensive 16-hour prep course over the course of 8 weeks. Each session meets once a week on Saturdays for a two-hour class, limited to 5 students. Individual instruction is also offered.
Of course we also offer individual prep sessions for those not wanting group sessions.
Classes are $40.00 an hour, with a non-refundable $50.00 deposit required to secure a seat in the course. If full payment is made by the first day of class then the cost is discounted by 15%.
Individual sessions are $57.00 per hour.

2016 classes begin on October 22nd. 

Other Test Prep

Connections has also helped students prepare for other tests such as:
    •    The GRE (Graduate Entrance Exam)
    •    College placement exams
    •    The GED (General Educational Development Test)
    •    And more
If you have a test to take, we can help you prepare. Call us today at (773) 238-4526 for more information and to reserve a spot in a test prep class.